Ante Portas – Security Studies (ISSN 2353-6306) is the English language reviewed academic journal (semiannual), first published in 2012 by the Department of National Security of the University of Business and Entrepreneurship in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski (Poland). Ante Portas – Security Studies is indexed in:


The publishing house and the University of Business and Entrepreneurship are located in Poland, Central Europe, hence a lot of space in the journal’s pages is concerned with security issues of the Baltic – Black Sea – Adriatic seas area. However, Central and Eastern Europe’s issues are not the only subject matters’, we aim to build an area for international security studies, connecting researchers and opinions from various countries and continents. Every second or third volume of Ante Portas – Security Studies is planned as a thematic one, concerned with the specific security issue, a specific region, or state of affairs. Our international Academic Council and Editorial Board, as well as the extensive base of reviewers, are the guarantee of the professional level of the published articles.

Ante Portas – Security Studies publishes research articles, reviews, commentaries, and opinions, concerning social sciences, with particular emphasis put on security problems in military, political, economic, social, and historical aspects. The journal connects military, practitioners, academics, and others with the research on a wide range of issues related to security, especially:

  • armed conflicts
  • hybrid wars
  • geopolitics
  • international relations
  • defence and military development
  • economic issues
  • homeland security
  • terrorism and counterterrorism
  • information security
  • risk management

Ante Portas – Security Studies is an open-access journal, the electronic version of each volume is shared for free on the journal’s website under the Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International — CC BY 4.0.

Neither the Editorial Board nor the Publisher nor the Editor-in-Chief, nor any member of the Ante Portas – Security Studies editorial board does not charge a fee for publishing articles.

‘We encourage all researchers dealing with the issues of security to cooperate with our journal. We invite you to publish in „Ante Portas – Security Studies”. Our offer is addressed to the experts in security studies, theoreticians, and practicians from scientific centres from Poland and abroad. We are certain that together we will build a new platform for the exchange of views on the opportunities, challenges, and threats in a rapidly changing security environment’.

Jakub Żak, PhD, Assoc. Prof.