No 2(15)/2020:

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Alika GuchuaNATO Regional Approaches to Missile Defense - in the Context of Black Sea Security
Thornike Zedelashvili Black Sea Region Security, Cyber Welfare and New Technologies
Revaz Topuria Russia’s Weapon of Words in Numbers. Evolution of Russian Assertive (Dis)information Actions: Comparative Analysis of the Cases of Russo-Georgian War 2008 & Annexation of Crimea 2014
Vakhtang Maisaia, Magdana Beselia Asymmetrical Warfare Strategy and Its Implications to the Black Sea Regional Security in 21st Century: Non-State Aggressive Actors and Terrorism
Igor Ivanov, Svetlana Petrenko Influence of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty Termination on the Regional Security of Central Asia
Svetlana Cebotari, Selena Stejaru The Role of the UN Security Council in COVID-19 Crisis Management
Muhammad Maigari Abdullahi, Usman Ahmad Karofi, Uthman Abdullahi Abdul-Qadir, Ibrahim Arafat An Assessment of Special Military Operations in Internal Security Management in Nigeria (1966-2019)
Tomáš Beňuška Religion and Demography: Causality or Correlation?
Przemysław FurgaczThe Incoming Revolution in the World Banking and Financial System
Olena YatsenkoSociality in Virtual Space: Praxeological Dimension in Security Strategies
Vadim VolovojUkrainian Question: No Good End?
Zaza TsotniashviliRussian Disinformation Against Georgian Cultural Heritage in the Occupied Territories (Georgia, Tskhinvali Region)
Pavlo LodynCorrespondence 1950-2000, Jerzy Giedroyc, Bohdan Osadchuk, Ed. by Bogumila Berdykhovska and Marek Zhebrovsky
Wiktor MożginŁukasz Lewkowicz, The Russian Federation in the Internal and Foreign Policy of the Slovak Republic (1993-2020)
Emilia Kojtych-LichotaMikael Wigell, Sören Scholvin, Mika Aaltola, Geo-Economics and Power Politics in the 21st Century: the Revival of Economic Statecraft
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