No 1(16)/2021:

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Alika Guchua, Irakli GabeliaThe economic security challenges in the Black Sea Region and Impact of Conflicts
Gvantsa Chkheidze, Irakli MekvevrishviliThe Impact of the South Caucasus Conflicts on the Regional Economy
David Peikrishvili Analysis of the dynamics of economic development of the South Caucasus countries and their impact on national security policy planning
Alika Guchua, Vakhtang MaisaiaNATO Nuclear Policy and Selected Economic Aspects of Nuclear Disarmament
Anna BałdygaThe Clash for The Nord Stream 2: 5 Myths about Russia's Struggling with the Project Revealed
Bukhuti SitchinavaWater security in the Middle East on the example of Iraqi Kurdistan
Alika Guchua, Thornike ZedelashviliEU Cyber Security Strategy and Economic Threats
Kamila Kowynia-LeśniakVenture capital and private equity funds - opportunities and threats for enterprises
Alina WaleniaMechanism of the Change of The Polish Currency to Euro and the Implementation of Convergence Conditions in Poland in 2018-2020
Khatuna ChapichadzeCan the Boost of Cryptocurrency Result in Altering the Way How the Traditional Neoliberal Economics Operates in Terms of Shifting and Enhancing the Demographics of Those Who Usually Gain the Profit?
Wiktor Adamus, Labour Market in Poland in The Context of the Sars-Cov-2 Coronavirus
Sylwia BarańskaWhen will the creation of a Democratic Republic improve education and the eradication of poverty associated with success?
Eugeniusz BilonożkoKazimierz Wóycicki, Lista agentury. wyd. Nieoczywiste. Warszawa 2021
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