No 20/2023:

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Kkhatuna ChapichadzeThe Russian-Ukrainian War – A Project of Vladimir Putin or the Russian One?
Oliver B. StewardThe Changing Nature of Russian Grand Strategy in Relation to the War in Ukraine
Natalia L. YakovenkoThe UN Facing Russian-Ukrainian War as a Challenge to European Security
Aleksander CzichosThe North Atlantic Alliance and the Russian-Ukrainian War
Vadim VolovojPolitical and Military Lessons of the War in Ukraine: Russia And the West
Roman Ofitsynskyy, Yuriy Ofitsynskyy"Battles for History" in the Russian-Ukrainian War from February 24, 2022 to the Present
Eka Beraia, Nikoloz MagradzeFall and Rise of Russian Propaganda Meanwhile the Russian-Ukrainian War from the Perspective of 5th Generation Warfare: Comparative Analysis (Ukrainian and Georgian Case)
Alika Guchua, Galaktion MaisaiaThe Threat of Using Nuclear Weapons in the 2022-2023 Russia-Ukraine War
Irina GaftaThe Impact of the European Energy Crisis of 2022 on Bankruptcy
Alina SukachBirth of Independent Ukraine: Circumstances of Declaration of Independence and their Impact on Relations with Russia
Mariami Gachechiladze OzcanThe Impacts of the Rise of Secessionist Movements on the Westphalian State Order: Case Study of Abkhazian and Samachablo’s Secessionist Movements Within Georgia
Michał JakubowskiNational Security in the Context of the Development of Genetically Engineered Bioweapons
Agnieszka GryzQuantum Technology and Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning as Strategic Enablers to Strengthen Geopolitical Position – United Kingdom Perspective
Paulina Polko, Roman Polko, Rozgromić kryzys. Jak żyć w świecie doświadczonym przez pandemię, kryzys i wojnę, Wydawnoctwo Helion,Gliwice 2023, pp 216 (reviewer: Piotr Gil)
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