According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for scientific journals, the  editors of “Ante Portas – Security Studies” require from the authors not only the reliability and accuracy of the merits, but also the compliance with ethical requirements relating to the publication of scientific papers. Therefore, information about all persos who contributed to the article in content, factual, financial or any other terms should be given. Hiding contribution to the creation of the publication is a reprehensible practice known as “ghostwriting”. In addition to a list of all the authors of the text, along with their workplace (affiliation) and information about the contribution of individuals in the creation of the article (who is the author of methods, concepts, principles, etc.), the  information on the sources of funding of the publication (with number of grant), should be also included (in a footnote), together with  the contribution of scientific research institutions, associations and other entities (ie. financial disclosure).